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Marketing Agency SUPERMARKET

Who are we?

Marketing agency SUPERMARKET has united marketing, branding and design professionals with profound working experience in numerous successful projects in various fields. We know what needs to be done to create a successful brand or how to turn an already existing brand into a successful one. Each story of success is based on correct marketing decisions. That is exactly the reason why marketing research is one of our main areas of interest. Marketing research results are the basis for project building. The next stage is the brand platform development, brand positioning and development strategies. Next, the brand visual image design taking into account the obtained results and decisions taken at the previous stages. The final stage includes implementation of all operations results and execution of promotion strategy. We create both multipurpose projects and efficient decisions for each of the described stages.

Our philosophy

We know that each separate component of the project (either design or the idea or and outstanding advertising campaign) does not have an inherent value. A successful brand comes up only based on the combination of all the aspects. That is exactly the reason why we create multipurpose projects where a powerful marketing component, original idea and a high quality visual execution are a must. Only this kind of a comprehensive approach allows creating truly powerful brands which can live, develop and gain long-term marketing goals. We believe this is the way to create the brands that we can be proud of and this is what makes it possible for us to build long-term relationships with our clients.


What are we doing?

We provide the whole range of marketing services aimed at solving the client’s business task – from marketing research to implementation of the ready-made decision and its support.


Market Research
Competitive Analysis
Consumer Analysis
Strategy Development


Positioning Development
Brand book Development
Package Design


Advertising Campaign
Promotion Strategy
Media Planning
Activities Concepts

Graphic Design

Web Sites Development Mobile Design Multipage Editions
3-D Visualization

Creation Process

In our work we use fundamental knowledge, experience and best world practices. We implement some processes based on our own procedures making it possible not only to create efficient brands but to consider a strategic vision for the project successful development in the long-term prospective.

Project Study

First of all we study the project in full. We scrupulously explore the field specifics, analyze the market, competitive environment and the client’s objective. Even a small detail can play the decisive role, so there are no trifles in the process of preparation for the project.

Search for an original idea

Search for the idea does not mean waiting for spontaneous inspiration. It is the work which includes both creative process and strict adhering to the rules. The idea shall comply with the main goal of the project, the criteria defined by the customer; it shall be invincible from the viewpoint of marketing and promising from the viewpoint of further implementation. With every idea we follow its unfolding, and only after choosing the best one we start its implementation.

Creating the project

The idea is materialized at the stage of implementation. Each detail is worked over again and polished to achieve the ideal result. After complete analysis of the marketing component of the idea we gain the same high quality level of visual execution.

Presenting the result

We always feel confident about the result of our work. We are positive that the client gets exactly what will help him achieve his objectives. We are positive that the project we create has a high development potential. The way we perform our work gives us and our client the reason to be proud.